Auto Accidents

auto accidents
Auto accidents are an unfortunate circumstance that can happen to anyone at anytime. In many instances, these accidents result in injuries and property damage to your vehicle.

At Cohen & McMullen, P.A., we recognize and appreciate that these events and the accompanying injuries can have a major impact on your life and that of your family and are determined to ensure that the adverse driver or vehicle owner and their insurance company are held responsible.

Because of this, it is necessary for you to know what to do in the event that you are involved in an accident.

  1. Check for Injuries
    The first thing you should do is check yourself, your passengers, and the driver or passengers of the other vehicle for injuries and contact medical personnel so that they may properly assess the extent of any trauma.
  2. Call 911
    As soon as possible, call 911 so that the proper law enforcement can report to the scene and document the accident, take statements, complete a report, and photograph the scene and vehicles.
  3. Notify the Insurance Company
    Notify your insurance company and that of the adverse driver but do not admit fault because it may have a devastating effect on your case down the road. Do not agree to or provide any recorded or written statements to the insurance companies without first consulting with an experience personal injury lawyer as this may give them leverage.
  4. Collect Witness Information
    If there are any witnesses to the accident, make sure to collect their names and contact information as they may have a huge impact on your case in the future.
  5. Call an Experienced Attorney
    Having an experienced attorney who isn’t afraid to fight for you is often the most important thing you can do. Insurance companies are large corporations and often try to intimidate people into accepting low settlements or attempt to place unjustified blame on you in order to secure minimal settlements.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident or auto accidents, we recommend that you contact an experienced South Florida personal injury attorney immediately. Swift action is necessary to ensure that your rights are protected and that you can obtain the recovery that you deserve. Do not allow insurance companies and their lawyers to dictate the outcome of your claim.

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