At Cohen & McMullen, P.A., our goal is to create and design contractual agreements to prevent disputes and avoid costly litigation.

Poor drafting, insufficient investigation, incomplete negotiation, or a combination of these is often the catalyst for contract litigation. Our attorneys provide full service to our clients in all stages of contracts from drafting, reviewing, rendering opinions, negotiation, and in some cases, disputing formation, all the way to the final stage of executing the agreement.

When drafting any legal document, our South Florida contracts attorneys realize the importance of constructing a clear and concise contract and adhere to the following principals to ensure that our client’s goals and intentions are met:

  • Define the terms
  • Eliminate ambiguities
  • Minimize archaic and “legalese” – write in plain English
  • Plan for contingencies
  • Avoid passive voice
  • Address all potential issues
  • Avoid repetition
  • Ensure internal consistency in form and substance

An experienced South Florida contracts attorney can help you safely navigate through any potential issues and avoid future contractual disputes or breaches through proper preparation and drafting. To that end, Cohen & McMullen, P.A., offers comprehensive legal services in contract review, drafting, and negotiation of all types of contracts, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Commercial property lease agreements
  • Residential property lease agreements
  • Asset sales and asset purchase agreements
  • Vendor contracts
  • Business-to-business contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Real estate purchase and sale agreements
  • Non-competition agreements

With nearly 20 years of experience, the lawyers at Cohen & McMullen, P.A., provide contractual representation for businesses and individuals throughout Florida. We pride our self on client satisfaction and recommend that you contact an attorney who can help protect your interests, now and in the future.

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