The elderly are uniquely vulnerable members of our community, and deserve compassion, respect and dignity. Loss or harm to an elderly person resulting from any type of negligence or misconduct constitutes elder abuse. Unfortunately, especially in nursing homes, elder abuse often occurs and can be both physical and emotional. There are also cases of financial abuse and neglect to this extremely vulnerable subset of our society.

In Florida, victims of any kind of elderly abuse may be entitled to relief, including compensation from both wrongdoers and their employers. Florida law recognizes elder abuse in cases of physical assault or battery; sexual assault; neglect of basic care; abandonment; isolation; extortion; exploitation; financial abuse; theft; medication errors; failure to seek emergency medical treatment; failure to change bedpans; slip and fall hazards; and inadequate facility security.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling cases involving elder abuse and nursing home negligence. Report any suspected abuse or negligence immediately to the proper authorities, and then please call our office if you or a loved one have been a victim of elder abuse or nursing home negligence. We are prepared to pursue justice for elderly victims and their families.